Study advocacy

Advocacy means that an organization takes care of the members’ interests, equality, and conformity. Sätky ry is responsible for the advocacy of electrical engineering students, and this is practically supervised by the academic affairs person of Sätky ry.

The chairperson, vice chairperson, and academic affairs person hold monthly meetings with the electrical engineering department. The meetings address issues such as course implementations and contents, as well as matters that are essential to the guild and study program.

Our student union LTKY also takes care of the advocacy of our students. The guild advocates and representatives from the student union gather approximately once a month to discuss advocacy-related matters and collectively find solutions to potential problems.

The goal of Sätky ry’s advocacy is to ensure the realization of equality among electrical engineering students in LUT.

If you encounter injustice in your studies or notice any issues related to courses, please contact the academic affairs person.

All feedback is important and will be forwarded anonymously.

Academic affairs person 2023:
Mira Sivonen
Email: opintovastaava(at)
Telegram: @MammaMira