Clerks of Sätky ry

The clerks are chosen by the board of the guild. Their mission is to support the board according to their given duties. Anyone, who is a member of the guild, can apply to be a clerk and the recruitment is open at all times. You may apply by sending a written application to the board.

If you think the guild requires a table leg, then apply! Being a clerk is also a good step into board activity.

The clerks in 2021:

The email addresses of the clerks are firstname.lastname(at)

alumn affairs
humppa affairs

otto salminen

internationality team
corp. relations team

henrik ahokas

temu affairs

riku ahtiainen
(virtual)guildroom manager

matti jokinen

corp. relations team

joel kae
(virtual)guildroom manager

niko grön

null mark clerk

sonja mäkelä
kyykkä affairs
www manager

eemeli kettunen

pe manager

joona vähätiitto