Clerks of Sätky ry

The clerks are chosen by the board of the guild. Their mission is to support the board according to their given duties. Anyone, who is a member of the guild, can apply to be a clerk and the recruitment is open at all times. You may apply by sending a written application to the board.

If you think the guild requires a table leg, then apply! Being a clerk is also a good step into board activity.

The clerks in 2023:

The email addresses of the clerks are firstname.lastname(at) .

Ryan Coombes

International affairs team
Ere Dahl

Vice host,

Meea Vilkman
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Social media manager,
Graphic designer,
Corp. relations team
Joel Kae

Corp. Relations team
Emilia Kaltz

International affairs manager
Janette Koenkytö

Social media manager
Antti Kokko
Corp. relations team
Ossi Koljonen

Corp. relations team
Konsta Kuronen

Alumn affairs
Ilari Lindholm

Corp. relations team
Tobias Lönnström

TEK Representative
Sampo Metsäluoto

Hunppa manager
Mikko Nikkanen


Otto Noponen

Sports manager,
Kyykkä manager
Tommi Nuopponen

Harassment contact person,
Corp. relations team,
Vice host

Milja Nylund

Harassment contact person
Freshman captain

Vilppu Penttilä

GDPR Representative,
IT Manager,
Kyykkä manager,
Guild’s merzidisainer,
Excursion chat-moderator
A M Meshkatur Rahman

International affairs team

Viljami Rantala


Joonas Rönkä

Corp. relations team

Kuisma Saariaho

Hunppa manager,
PC-Masterrace manager
Taru Salmi

Harassment contact person

Oskari Salmi

IOT-Maxwell_Telegram_bot manager
Mira Sivonen

Well-being manager,
Corp. relations team
Henrik Tenhunen

Water traffic manager

Riku Tulineva

Guild room manager

Henri Tulla

@Kahvikamera_bot manager,
Joonas Turtiainen

Corp. relations team