The guild room

The guild room is located in the sixth phase of the university. It offers the members of the guild a versatile room to spend time for example between lectures. No wonder the guild room is like an another home for many electrical engineering students. The story tells that someone has even woken to the morning lecture from the guild room’s couch.

The guild room is an excellent place to get to know senior students that you might not meet elsewhere. The use of the guild room does not require exceptional actions from a student. The door of the guild room can be opened with the access key ‘lutikka’ and the use of the room is completely free. Please do remember to familiarize yourself with the very simple rules that can be found from the wall and leave the room at least in as good condition that is was when you entered it. This way the use of the guild room stays pleasant for all members.

You can find a Playstation, computer, books and different games from the guild room. There is also coffee and refreshments for sale. The price list can be found from the fridge door.

In case you need more information about the guild room, feel free to ask from other students, guild room managers and ultimately from the board members of the guild. In addition, if you feel that something essential is missing from the guild room, you can easily tell us about it via the QR-code found from the guild room door.