How to join?

The students who study electrical engineering in LUT University’s electrical engineering study program can become members of Sätky. In addition the board of the guild can accept a person interested in electrical engineering even without fulfilling the aforementioned requirement. This has to be done by sending a written application to the board of the guild.

By becoming a member of the guild you get access to all benefits offered by the guild, such as the services of the guild room and particular events organized by the guild. In addition every new member receives a brand new Sätky’s green student overalls. (Note. the delivery time of the overalls can vary, usually the delivery time is referred by an unofficial phrasing “syssymmällä”, which roughly translates to ‘later in autumm’).

When first joining the guild you have to pay the joining fee and an annual membership fee for the first year in Sätky’s online shop.