Course feedback

The university collects course feedback for each course in the form of course evaluations, where students can provide both positive and negative feedback on the course implementation. This feedback enables responsible teachers of the course to address identified issues and capitalize on aspects that students find beneficial. Course evaluations are the most effective tool for students to contribute to the development of courses. By providing feedback, students can easily and conveniently express their anonymous opinions on what works and what doesn’t in a course.

Course feedback is given at the end of the course through Moodle, and as the course approaches its conclusion, students receive reminders via their email to submit their course feedback. After receiving feedback, the responsible teacher can process and respond to it in their preferred manner. The feedback is considered at various levels within the university, highlighting the significant impact of student feedback.

Without feedback, potential issues or effective practices may never reach beyond the course’s internal sphere, hindering development.

If you have any questions related to course evaluations, you can contact our academic affairs person:

Academic affairs person 2023:
Mira Sivonen
Telegram: @MammaMira