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Old CockSätky is the guild of electrical engineering students in Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Sätky was founded in 1997, and we have about 400 members. Members are recognized by their green overalls.

Our purpose is to make LUT a better place to study and connect our members with other students and guilds. We also stay in touch with the other student organizations in Finland.

Membership fee is 15 euros and includes overalls, and for example discounts to events organized by Sätky. Being a member also allows you to use our Guild Room at 6-phase. Guild Room offers many amenities including coffee, television and good company.

Joining Sätky / Getting more information

If you are an exchange student willing to join Sätky, follow the steps below. Guild can be joined by electrical engineering students of Lappeeranta University of Technology. If you are a graduate student, you are accepted.

Contact international (at) and tell that you are an electrical engineering exchange student willing to join Sätky. No formal application is needed, a free-form application-ish message will do fine.

If/when you are accepted, a membership fee of fifteen euros (15€) has to be paid to the bank account of the guild:
FI70 8146 9710 1379 68 / DABAFIHH

When making the transaction, please specify the transaction message using the following format:
jäsenmaksu firstname surname hometown

The membership fee includes overalls, and for example discounts on events organized by Sätky.